Nanoori Laboratory
자주 하는 질문
Q - Is there a course fee to attend the course?
A - There are no extra course fees for attend, but
  accommodation and flight have to prepare for

Q - What should I do if I want to do and apply?
A - We’re have a many period of visiting course,
   so please apply via Nanoori Medical Research
   Institute website.

Q - What if you don’t have the desired visiting period?
A - You can select it for up to 3 months, after selecting
  ‘other’ on the applying page.
  Also, please add the desired duration of visit in detail
  on your application form. After checking the period,
  a person in charge of the visiting course will let you
  know if it is possible or not.
  However, we would like to apply for a period
  designated for the smooth running of the course.

Q - Do I have to stay at the designated place?
A - Not necessarily.
  Our guide is basically a hotel near the Nanoori
  Hospital. You can make a personal reservation at your
  convenience. Just tell me where you’re staying
  when you make a personal reservation.